my sincere apology. I messed the top speed of the Quatro, of course. Now that Dakotah reminded me of it, I realize clearly that the value should have been 26000. I have probably misplaced the number with the top speed of the Flame blaster, which is the fastest of my cars, and the fastest I am ever willing to make for the purposes of realism, as I don't remember the official vehicle parameters (although I had seen them once) any more. Well, actually, the Flameblaster's top speed is 32500 if memory serves, and the Harley Davidson I also made has a top speed of 33000, but that's already too much, even for a motorcycle. Well, at least it's not that easy to maneuver it, as I imagine a motorbike must be when driving quickly.
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the only hint I can give here is probably to compare and try many times before you can get a feel for it. For example, if you take the cranked up quatro which is the fastest of the official game vehicles, or at least used to be before v2.1, then its top speed is somewhere around 32000, I believe. I used to know the exact number as it has been said somewhere. So it always helps me to compare the top speed with this value in my head when thinking about the design of a vehicle. As for tracks, the shortest possible length of a section, which is 5000 units, is so short that when you drive the quatro at full speed, the co pilot is unable to finish announcing an easy left turn that is 5000 units long, for example, before an easy right turn of the same length comes, etc. It's just all a matter of experimenting. How tough a curve is also depends on its length, not just the steepness itself. You could easily steer a hard or even a hairpin turn if it was short enough and you drove towards the edge of the track before the actual curve started, so that your car at full speed had enough room inside the curve to go through it safely without crashing. Doing that often, along with memorisation of the track, is the only possible way to have a really good time in a technically challenging and realistic race on a hard track without non-stop crashing. :-)
Hope this helps a bit.

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