Hi all.
I usually don't post a big thing like this but feel I must.
I have played terraformers and mudsplat on my high def card.
While its true that this card has its share of crackles etc with speech, and 
other things.
Well most games work well.
the bavisoft games crackle but not to badly.
terraformers crackles loads and in some parts of the game sonar locks on one 
object even though it aint there anymore or rather I am moving away from it.
This is not good, as I need to do weird navigation things to get round it.
Mudsplat is much worse.
I loaded it up and usually I put hal to sleep, I had to exit hal as it kept 
after this I found the sound really bad.
These games are the only 2 that actually sound bad everyone's games becides 
those 2 actually work.
I tried upgrading sound drivers but  it made the crackle worse and the system 
crashed so I roled back.
My drivers for the card in the laptop have not been updated at least they 
havn't when I tried to download these.

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