There's an irony Tom, you've listed some of my current favourites like the Mega man games, Double dragon and centipeed which i play from a low vision perspective.

I must admit, sinse I've started playing audiogames I have paid more attention to, and probably used game audio in graphical games a lot more than I did before, but for the reasons you detail I don't play games which I cannot use my vision on at all, though I know some other people have.

A good example is Mk deception. I really enjoyed deadly alliance, especially the textual story mode (perfectly easy with a faq).

I haven't however bought deception sinse the games story mode went into 3D and became visually totally inaccessible for me.

while I know some people, through extensive memorization and use of audio have managed this mode, ---- I'd personally just find it exceptionally irritating I think.

Beware the Grue!

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That's definitely an interesting line up. What is sort of funny is
while my wife and I do own a PS2 I don't often play it myself. I find
learning to play mainstream games a struggle as many of the games I
like require alot of physical consentration and memorisation to play.
I don't enjoy vidio games as much as I once did, and I think alot has
to do with the fact I know what it was like playing games with sight.
However, back in the 1980's I think I was a vidio gaming king. As far
as a favorites list goes here is a pretty good list of the ones I
played often when I still could see to play them.

NES Games

Double Dragon I
Double Dragon II
Double Dragon III
Legend of Kage
Legend of Zelda
Megaman I
Megaman II
Megaman III
Ninja Turtles I
Ninja Turtles II

Atari Games

Demon Attack
Deathstar Mission
Empire Strikes Back
Poll position I
Poll Position II
Space Invaders
Spider Fighter
Time Pilot

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