Hi Dark,
Actually, by summer i should have something that is right up your alley. As you might recall a couple of weeks ago I was talking about a text based RPG game engine for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Over teh holidays i have taken some time to write up some initial code for it, and one of the game ideas I have been sampling with is a Star Wars roll playing fantacy game during the clone wars. You can basically pick from a list of popular races and classes and train to be a Jedi at the jedi temple. As you get better you can then travel to various worlds and get involved in various missions.

dark wrote:
Hi. a combination of reading starwars novels, playing Eamon and Sryth, and watching my brother play Final fantasy crysis core on the psp is really getting me in the mood for something scifi, but every online game I've looked at in a scifi setting seems to be either a, galactic empire building pvp stratogy, or B, galactic ship sales pvp trading! I must admit i'm getting a litle hacked off here. for me, one of the major attractions of startrek, starwars, doctor who, babylon 5 etc is exploration of the various worlds, different land scapes and alien races. of course as these are works of fiction I'm also interested in the characters, the politics etc, but from a purely scifi point of view (particularly in something like Starwars or Doctor who which has a very! diverse landscape), there's quite a lot of stuff to explore. I find it completely astonishing that every single scifi game has only focused on the statistical elements of player interaction and/or combat, ---- and to be brutally honest, find it rather silly. Afterall, if people want to play the stock markit, they can just pick up the financial times. while I can see the attraction of pvp combat (though as I've said before it's not something which interests me at all), I'm amazed that nobody has developed an online scifi game which does not have this focus. Admitedly I'm probably expecting a lot, afterall, the only things I've found in the pure fantasy genre along these lines are Sryth and various gamebooks, ---- and to a lesser extent any of the Logd or KoL varients. smugglers 4 I really like for the non linnier game structure, missions and backstory, though I'm slightly disappointed that the actual planets themselves don't play a larger part in the game in terms of being unique locations, and also that there weren't any new systems to go to in S4 as compared to S3. eitherway though, S4 isn't an online game.
Basically, what I'm looking for is Sryth in space, ie, you have your spaceship, 
fly around and have adventures, ----- basically sryth, in space!

If anyone knows a game like that I'd be interested to here about it, ---- possibly a mud? ---- though i admit I have heard many muds are pvp stat grinders. Any input here would be appreciated.

Beware the Grue!

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