Yes, the latest test version isn't balanced. However, you can seriously tip
the scales in your favor. Here are some tips:

Dual wield. Equip the largest weapon you can in each hand. This gives you
two attacks per round. A two-handed weapon like those large clubs the ogres
use is deadly. You can get an idea how good a weapon is by it's description,
but a larger weapon is almost always better than smaller ones. So the order
is (for now until more stuff is put in): daggers, short swords,  clubs, long
swords, and large ogre clubs.

Don't forget to use the potions in your inventory to heal. Zombie rot
potions cure zombie rot. Anytime you're bitten by a zombie, you'll contract
the disease, so be sure to use those.

Attack the biggest threat first. Orcs always have weapons and are much
nastier than goblins. Ogres are extremely dangerous, but slow. The wolves
are nasty but usually easy to kill. Any heroic monster is going to be much
harder than usual.

Zombies can only be killed if you destroy their head (and other means but I
won't spoil it). So target their head with the number pad 8, or with the
number 8 if you don't have a numpad.

The difficulty will wildly swing back and forth until I get most of the
abilities and spells in.

Thanks for testing it!
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