To target a specific part, hold down the key while pressing enter to attack
the target. So you select fight, on that list of enemies, hold down the key,
and press enter to attack. It will be targeted to that location. Be aware
though that targeted attacks have lower accuracy, especially if you're
targeting a fatal part like a head.

The combat rounds don't go in round-robin order, they go by who is the
fastest. This is why your pet wolf tends to attack before you do. It reacts
faster. Some actions take longer than others. If you use the fighter skill
Flurry, it will greatly increase the delay until your next turn leaving you

Facing off against a fast dire wolf or something, it will have more attacks
than you do -- at least until you boost your speed by leveling or magical

If you happen upon an ogre, you'll probably find that you get many attacks
to his one.

You can have more than one controllable character in your party too. This
will allow you to balance speed and power between characters. Right now,
you're stuck with average human speed.


On Sat, Jan 3, 2009 at 11:15 AM, Ron Schamerhorn <>wrote:

> I'd have to agree the spacific targetting I don't quite get myself.  Also
> it
> seems a glitch the attack rounds aren't quite balanced.  currently
> sometimes
> I'll only have one round.
> Ron
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> I still don't understand how to target specific body parts.  Do
> you hold down the number as soon as you press enter on the enemy,
> or before that? I really do not understand it.
> Kelby
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