Hi William,
For the moment I am just looking at Windows for the immediate future. I can't say if or when a Mac version will appear now that that the cross platform engine continues to crash all the time. I am suspecting I am using more audio channels at a time than SDL Mixer can handle. I might have to completely rework the sound support so that I use a lot less audio channels in use at any one time. one of my cross platform projects, Star Trek, uses SDL and I am not having any issues remotely like those I am experiencing with MOTA. Though, admitedly the Star Trek game uses under 50 sounds at any given time where MOTA has on average about 100 which might be just a little much for SDL Mixer. My point is cross platform games are definitely on the way, but I don't know that I can do it with each and every game just do to certain specifications required to run them. There are certainly advantages to sticking with DirectX and some Windows stuff for some games over SDL. The games are able to be ported easily will get ported. Some of them like MOTA I'd like to port, but am encountering way too many issues at the time being to do it.

william lomas wrote:
see what i'd do thomas is release the windows one first, but i will wait for a key if you are hoping to make it mac playable and then if you wish to make it mac and linux playable then this can be done later on but as I already pre=ordered I won't play the windows title if in the future even if I have to wait, it iwll be mac playable as this will be a blast for mac users like myself

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