Yeah, I've had many fun ours spent with the bsd games. Hangman is probably my favorite of the free bsd games pack. Also since you are running gnome try out gnome-mud as your Linux mud client. I rather like it as a Linux mud client goes. As far as frotz goes I've tried it myself and am getting the same problem. Orca reads everything. It is way too verbose when reading the screens. I wonder if we could write a python script to just read the current text rather than reviewing the entire screen for information. I'm sure there has to be a way to script frots, frob, and some of the if interpreters to be a lot less verbose and just read what we want since Orca is fully scriptable.

James Dietz wrote:
I've tried to use Frotz with gnome and orca under linux.  THe only
problem is the entire screen changes or refreshes so that after a
command I hear the entire screen read back to me, including past moves
and score.  There's probably some config option nestled deep within
the .frotzrc which I haven't investigated.  THe man page didn't hint
at any which sounded appropriate... maybe it's a color thing.
Adventure (sudo apt-get install bsdgames on ubuntu) works fine and is
a lot of fun.

Gnome works decently but it's significantly slower than the shell even
with Orca.  to be fair, my netbook isn't very powerful, and gnome+orca
runs a lot faster on my other laptop.  Emacspeak sounds attractive
because it's an audio desktop specifically talored for the blind, but
a lackluster web browser (according to the author - unless the firefox
interface works now) and the fact that I haven't got it running yet
means I'm still with Gnome.

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