This is true in a sense. But there's at least one thing you didn't take inot account. Your character is carrying the weapon most times. I could see not being able to unsling or draw certain weapons at very close range, but it makes more sense to have the character stop or run her weapon into the enemy than outright not be able to use it, especially since she can still fire. It would be rather simple to say, put your pistol against the enemy's chest and fire. And for the larger weapons, since she's still holding the weapon, especially in a coridor, aim wouldn't really be an issue, since buckshot spreads immediately after coming out of a shotgun, and an MP5 is fully automatic, not really meant for aiming. Not to mension centaurs are rather big creatures, I imagine they, and the cyclops, would take up a good portion of the coridor, I'm asuming a lot of the temple is coridor since it isn't open air and its hard to distinguish between coridor and room. In a room things would be a bit more tricky, but I still maintain that if you get close enough, with just about any gun save maybe a heavy assault weapon given the couple seconds it takes the motorized belt to start spinning, you could just fire without aiming or press the gun up against the enemy and fire. The bow is the exception. I don't mean to sound patronizing, but it still seems odd. Its your game though, and its interesting enough that I still plan to buy it even if I personally think a mechanic is a little strange. Just my two cents.

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Well, if yu think about it everything has an absolute minimum range in real life. For the games purposes the game measures everything in feet as a rule. So if an enemy is in say, 0 feet, that is way too close to use a pistol, magnum, shotgun, etc so it won't allow you to hit the creature when shooting. When you check distances using the view command it converts feet into meters since the metric system is what 75% of my customers use and was a request way back when.

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