I figured I would repeat all of my questions in one place.

When I get too close to the giant to hit, he can still hit me. Is this supposed 
to be the case?

I just hit the giant on advanced difficulty with 10 arrows and he didn't die. 
Is this reasonable? This isn't a complaint btw I'm just observing and makeing 
sure this stuff is working the way it's expected to.

The guns don't do any damage to the giant it seems. Why is this? I can't 
imagine why arrows would hurt him but guns don't even begin to.

I'm wondering if we can re-implimint ducking the way it used to be, so you can 
stay ducked as long as you want, it just doesn't do you any good to stay ducked 
down for more than one hit because the enemy will compensate. It is confusing 
when you duck and stand up again, I find that it makes it difficult to keep 
track of what's going on. I would like to be able to duck, shoot, stand up, 
then maybe jump and shoot, but the way ducking works in beta 2 this isn't realy 
possible to control, because ducking works for it's own amount of time and all 
that. You mentioned possibly impliminting keystrokes to be able to walk while 
ducked down. I can see some reasons to do this. If you code in a new kind of 
obsticle, an air duct, or something like that, or a ledge is too low to the 
ground, you have to duck to go under it.

There's been a lot of discussion regarding your range to an enemy. I think I 
believe that the  character should be blocked by the enemy and thus unable to 
pass the enemy. I also believe the pistol and the  combat knife should still be 
useable in such close contact. The pistol could be jammed against the enemy and 
fired that way, and the knife could be jabbed at the enemy from the side etc. 
If the character is blocked from passing the enemy, when the enemy tries to 
fire a weapon too close to the enemy, the weapon is not fired at all.

In the menues, should the first item in the menu be selected automatically and 
spoken after the menu title is heard? Select a menu item. new game. press 
enter. Select a game. Arcade. Press enter. Select a difficulty level. Beginner. 
Down arrow. intermediate. press enter. for yes no prompts if an option is 
selected automatically it should be no, not yes. Just a thought.

In the view scores menu, should the score be spoken without having to press 
enter? Intermediate. 20, 5, thousand, 9, hundred, 40, 5. 

In some cases when speech is happening it is impossible to interrupt speech. 
These include when the  score is being spoken, when some things are being 
performed status keys like s for score, a for ammo. When the game is started 
and the copywrite information is being spoken, etc. Should it be made possible 
to press any key and  interrupt these things? I know that for instance when you 
check your ammo the game is paused until the speech is complete. what i'm after 
is the possibility to just stop speech and have the timer resume. I could press 
control, or press an arrow key to walk etc. One problem with this is that I 
like to hold down navigation keys and do other stuff simultaneously, it would 
be nice if the keys could avoid interrupting speech unless they are released 
and pressed, not if they have been held down from the begin with.

Did you receive my improved 5 sound?

I have noticed that my character can get hit even after the eneemy is dead by 
the dead eneemy, or after the view or inventory menues are brought up. Say I 
walk into that giant. I hear the character scream. I press tab because I have 
the wrong weapon and I want to switch useing that menu because I'm not 
comfortable pressing the numbers to change weapons just yet. So I press tab, 
the menu comes up, the voice says select a menu item. and then I hear the 
character scream again. I have been killed this way. I have also been killed 
after having already killed the enemy that killed me, more than once in a row. 
For example imagine I go aft3er a harpy with my 9mm. I blast 5 times, but I had 
40 percent health, I got hit once while I was banging away. The harpy dies and 
hits the floor, and then, almost a full second later, I hear angela cry, and 
collapse to the floor. I am useing a netbook. The performance could, but 
probably isn't the issue. I have a 1.7ghz processor and 2gb of ram on windows 
xp. I have been able to run any audio game I want without a single performance 
related problem that I am aware of.

I am going to regret this change if it is impliminted, but I think it should be 
impossible to fire the bow quickly. There should probably be a two second delay 
or there abouts. The pistol makes sense but you know the 9mm probably can only 
hold 15 shots. Have you thought about makeing it complicated and you have to 
change clips or something like that? I don't know anything about those guns 
really but the shotgun can probably only fire one shot, or maybe two if it is a 
side by side or over and under. It could also be a revolver but those things 
are huge and cumbersome and then it could still only fire 4 shots without being 
reloaded i believe. It's just a thought. it would complicate things to code 
these things both for players and the programmer but I thought I would mention 
it anyway. With the sub machine gun, could you change it so you can hold down 
the space bar and fire shots until you release it or run out? That would be the 
only weapon that works that way. As it is you can make it sound like you have 
two or three of those sub machine guns going at once. I didn't think that would 
actually have been really difficult to do, but the sound would have to be 
changed.. Could probably cut parts of the existing sound out and play thema t 
random queueing them one after the other, one sound per shot, and when you 
release the arrow key you can stop playing those sounds and queue up the echo 
sound that's on the end. That could make the machine gun some pretty fun stuff.

Someone has already mentioned this one, if you get killed in the room with the 
two pits, the game thinks you're walking on a ledge every step until you jump 
over one of the pits.

With the rope, I have found that sometimes I can jump streight up to get onto 
it, but I have found that it's persnickety. Sometimes I can't jump from the 
left of it to the right and land on it. I pass the rope entirely. I thinkk the 
code there is maybe just too strict? Is it possible to allow some slack in the 
coordinates or what ever you use and have it just provide a better chance to 
snag the rope if you jump up at it from any direction? unless you really do go 
the wrong direction. I probably ought to be able to grab the rope even if I 
jump from slightly to the right or left of it streight up, since she can 
probably still reach out and snag it.

There is no way to go from the water room back to the beginning again. Is this 
supposed to be the case?

When you jump into a statue, the statue isn't opened automatically and you 
can't walk another step towards it to open it, you must press enter. Is it 
possible to open the door or statue automatically even if you just jumped to 
get there?

People have mentioned the creatures seem to be a little too quiet. I agree with 
this. But I have my hearing impairment to contend with anyway. I find with one 
of the creatures not sure which, I can't tell when it has been killed. All I 
hear is the character saying All Right! or something like that. And sometimes I 
miss that too if my weapon is makeing a racket. Just figured I would mention 
it. That particular creature doesn't make a clunk noiseas though it were 
hitting the ground. Should it?

Ok, I think I'm done for now. Thanks for reading this. I'm not complaining 
anywhere in this I just like this game and I wanted to contribute my thoughts.
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