Hi Yohandy,

Yohandy Asked:
first, is there a fix
for this issue I'm having? is it my soundcard acting up, or is it Vista itself?

Tom Says:
Well, you aren't the first person who has had issues with that specific brand and model of sound card. I've basically heard those sound cards are trouble no matter if you are using XP, Vista, or Windows 7. i don't have one myself, but the word is those sound cards have technical issues. My best educated guess is it is your sound card not Vista.

Yohandy Said:
I've heard many rumors that vista doesn't support line-in and that it also lacks the ability to record both microphone output and stereo mix, so I'd like confirmation
from people using other cards with vista.

Tom Says:
Well, it does and it doesn't. It really depends on what sound card you have, if the Vista drivers supports those features, and if you enable those mixer settings in the control panel. I can say first hand it is a serious pain to get working under Vista, because it isn't as easy to get setup as it was under XP. I'm unhappy to say it is just as bad with Windows 7 Beta. However, I can confirm the stereo mix still works under Vista with the right sound card. it does work if your sound card supports it, and if you get Vista setup correctly. As i said before it isn't as easy to get correctly setup as XP.

Yohandy Asked:
and second, do you guys know if  this card
supports surround sound? Thomas, I know you said the headphones have 3 jacks you can plug into the card. only problem here is I only have a headphone jack, and another jack to the left which I presume is for the microphone. I'm using an internal mic.

Tom Says:
Well, since i don't know the specific model, serial number, etc of your card I can't look it up and give you an absolute answer. However, what I can tell you is that it does not have the correct outputs to do anything remotely like surround sound using headphones or a set of 5.1 surround sound speakers. So I'm guessing no. The desktop I am sitting at now has a creative Labs Soundblaster Audegy 2 card installed. It has a mic jack, a line-in jack, and then three output jacks. They are labeled front, center, and rear. If I am using a set of 5.1 surround sound speakers or headphones I plug the three headphone inputs into these three jacks on the sound card. I doubt plugging only one input into a headphone jack would reproduce a full 5.1 surround sound effect.

Yohandy Said:
btw. If Vista's the culprit, then I'll most likely uninstall it since all these
audio problems  are really getting on my nerves.

Tom Says:
Well, all i can say is I have been running Vista successfully since March 2007 and I really haven't had much problems with the OS myself audio or otherwise. I've recorded the Mysteries of the Ancients game trailers using a Windos Vista system so I know for certain I can record using stereo mix obviously. However, I can say I've got stereo mix working on my desktop, the computer with the Audegy card, but it won't work on my laptop which has a Realtek AC-97 card in it. So it is the sound card not Vista being the problem there.

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