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It is not about being a newby or having troubles with a game. The real issue is that there are a lot of gamers out there too lazy to read the documentation provided with the game or too lazy to try and figure out something on their own. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten questions on and off list dealing with very basic simple things like how can I run using a joystick, what does the g key do, or whatever. Often if the user would open the manual shipped with the game the answer will be right there. Why ask someone else the answer when it is faster and probably even easier to look it up yourself? Then, there is the other group that complains about a game being too hard. Even taking in account that not everyone is a power gamer the purpose of adding challenges, difficulty, and making it hard to play adds replay value. Some people are too easily frustrated by any sort of challenge and easily give up. That's their loss in my opinion. For instance, I can remember talking to a fellow gamer about Shades of Doom. This particular gamer decided not to play Shades of Doom even on the easy level with training mode because he says it is too hard. He played the demo a couple of times through, couldn't figure out the maze, and gave up just like that. What this particular individual missed is that Shades of Doom is fairly challenging. No one learns the levels in one, two, or even three times through. It took me a couple of months to beat the game, and longer to know the mazes well enough to say I am an expert at it. The difference between him and I is that I chose to work at it until I figured it out, and he chose to quit after playing the demo a couple of times. That kind of give up and quit attitude I don't understand.

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