Hi Lindsay,
While supporting the keyboard in a game like Blood Money might apeal to a wider audience it also means the game has to be dumbed down, lack more advanced features, and more involved game play that is possible by using a mouse, Wii-Mote, etc. Bottom line, the entire point of supporting a Wii-Mote, mouse, etc in the first place is to be able to get more advanced features like those that can be found in many modern mainstream games. I for one am in favor of introducing these features to the blind community as it is an experience not many blind gamers have had yet. Let me put it this way. I've been moderating this list for close to four years. In that time one topic that comes up time and time again is many blind gamers are upset about the fact that Sony, Activision, EA Games, you name it won't make their games fully accessible for a blind gamer. However, the second a developer like Che comes along with the idea of moving away from the keyboard and using mouse input, Wii-Mote input, etc like the mainstream companies do people start complaining that it is too hard, too expensive, or asking to please remember to have keyboard support. In the end if blind gamers don't want to play like the sighted gamers what is the point of adding such features? The point I am driving at is Che is really trying hard here with Blood Money to get as close to the same experience as you would get if you went out and baught a Wii, PS 3, or XBox and played an online match with other gamers around the world. The minute you are asking for keyboard support etc ywhat you are really asking Che to do is remove any and all special features offered by the special controllers and meet what I would call the accessible gaming current standards than reaching for something new, interesting, and more involved.

Lindsay Cowell wrote:
Hi Che,

Your game sounds great. But couldn't you include the option to just use the keyboard? It would make the game available to a wider audience of people. I for one would love to play it, but I don't have a wii.
Lindsay Cowell

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