Yeah, it certainly sounds like it. I have had limited exposure to Wii-Motes myself, but I do know from listening to end user experiences on various game forums that a game developer can program all kinds of complex moves, special actions, that is simply impossible for a keyboard and even a triditional game pad/joystick. It is really a revolutionary technology in my opinion. I'm glad Che is willing to invest the time in researching this, and using a Fighting genre to try it out on. If Che does decide to add some light saber type battling a Wii-Mote would be simply incredable as an input device. You could mimic actual light saber/sword fighting moves and have them carried out in the game. You could spin the saber, perform up/down slashes, swing from side to side, thrust etc. No matter what you did the Wii-Mote would give you absolute control over the combat strategy and technique in a battle situation. Not to mention give you an extremely responsive input method in a time sensative battle. If the player had some magic abilities you could use the Wii-Mote to draw complex spells that would perform some kind of special action. If you drew a circle in the air with your Wii controller and then pressed a button that might signal to draw a wall of fire around the player. This is certainly more interesting, and involving than pressing a couple of keys on a keyboard.

Steady Goh wrote:
Che, your plans on the wii mote actions is far more complicated than I thought. 
Now I understand why is it that is difficult to translate them into key 
strokes. In fact, the mouse alone wouldn't be sufficient to do all those I 
think. Game controllers is the way to go. I hope you won't make it like wii 
boxing which is totally motion bassed. You know, we have 12 hours differences. 
If it is like wii boxing, I might have to exercise and sweat at 2 3 am over 
here. hahaha! Maybe I played mortal kombat a lot and got used to the way it 
works, I personally prefer a combination of both. What they does is, punch kick 
combos are done by pressing the d pad in a specific sequence whereas special 
power moves are pulled out by swinging the wii remote. Fatalities are done by 
swinging both the wii remote and nunchuck. I still can't constantly excicute 
the fatalities right yet.

Ok, I am thinking very far ahead now, but consider this. the features of blood 
money already sounds as good as the mainstream fighting games. If it goes well, 
you might want to explore the possibility of hiring someone to add in graphics 
and make it the first title to be converted from accessible game for the blind 
to a mainstream game.

锦发/Steady Goh

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