Hi Peter,

Thank you for your suggestions.

Ok, I will turn the volume of the tire squeal back up when you shift, but I 
didn't like it louder.  Plus you hear it announce the gear and the engine RPM 
change.  And I never found a good gear click sound that worked.

Same problem with the brake sound.  It is just very hard to find a tire squeal 
sound that sounds ok when it is played looping over and over.  And if you don't 
use a little brake sound and loop it, you have no idea how long the file needs 
to be for any and all braking circumstances.  But I will try to get a better 
one in there.

You can adjust the volume of the sapi5 speech if it is too loud for you.  And 
of course the different voices themselves are of different volumes.

I started the engine sound out loud so that we could play with it, revving it 
up and making some noise.  But I definitely don't want it so loud that I can 
not hear the rest of the sounds that I am using to know where I am at on the 
track during the race.  You know the crowd and music or other sounds that 
indicate how close you are to the wall or how far along you are in the 
straightaway or turn.



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