Games we'd like to play,
Kitchen Sink,
by Phil Vlasak
In this fast action game, you Are Jim, a daring dish washer,
willing to risk everything to clean his sink of dirty dishes.
His mission will not be an easy one. He must face several disgusting items,
such as plates covered with week old Pizza slices, burnt oatmeal bowls, and skillets with baked on hamburger grease. He must avoid such deadly traps as pots of boiling donut oil, towering stove fires, sharp metal corn on the cob spikes, deep crud lined coffee pots, and containers filled with rotten chicken livers.

He will have to pick up each dirty dish, then using the left and right control keys, scrub it with a steel wool pad,
then rinse  it under water and stack each neatly in the drainer.
He will also discover dropped egg shells and coffee grounds, and putrid egg salad sandwiches left behind the couch by previous guests.
If Jim makes it through the whole stack of dishes,
he must face his greatest challenge.
Washing his stack of dirty clothes by hand.

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