Sadly the crane blade is strictly random. I think it was proven in the forums that the gold total you get from the tomb has to be higher than 250 for the blade to show up. Worst part is its not even that great of a weapon. Helps a little with that scennario but I just never found much use for it. And I know exactly where you're coming from. Back before the GM started catering to people who want to grind their skills, powers and gold, sryth used to be so much more epic. I think it all started with the dungeon system, which still bugs me to this day. For example, I don't know how many sryth players on this list will remember this, but back before the dungeon system ever went in, westwold was 10 times more awesome. The goblin cave played more like a gamebook, where each room was different, and it really felt like you were moving through a cave on an adventure rather than just moving through a coordinate grid. I can see why the GM would have put in the dungeon system, it would make adventures easier to put out I'm sure. He's probably got a basic engine built where he can just make the coordinate grid, put in the passages and put events where he wants them. That I can deal with. But the way content is going lately where everything's gone to the grindstone I'm almost ready to give up on the game. Now its all about making donations or limited of time rewards or having to spend days on end grinding through a scennario just to see some new content. Sryth just isn't the game it used to be, and I doubt any amount of complaining or feedback to the GM would change that given how many people seem to like the replayables and the ability to grind skills, even if they are capped.

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Yeah, that is a lot of work. Personally, I am a bit sick and tired of some of these grinding matches and wish Sryth would go back to actual adventures instead of the various areas where you have to grind away multiple times to get anything you want. Sheesh, I've been trying for a month to get my hands on the Creyn Blade, and every time I make my way through the semitary, slay Lord Creyn, the dang blasted sword isn't there. I'm half willing to complain to the gm about this, because after I play the area four or five times I should have found the sword by now. How many frickin' times do I have to run through the semitary to get it?

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