I can see where you're coming from, and like I said in my last message, basically if you don't like it, you're never going to like it. One thing we have in common dark is that we're both hardcore exploration fanatics. I'm not sure what your views on puzzles are, but generally I end up looking them up anyway, since in my experience the majority of puzzles, especially in text games, are similar to those in KoL, requiring either guess the syntax or very simplistic thinking disguised as overthinking. KoL is a game built more on humor and references more than actual plot, though it does have a pretty solid plotline, if not a little weird. In a sense I guess its more like grand theft auto, in that technically the plot is just you taking missions from the council and completing them rather than actually advancing a storyline, perhaps that's why you can't get into it. Anyway, this is just speculation, KoL's definitely one of those games that you either love or hate, there doesn't seem to be much of an in between. As for the item count, that does get a bit crazy, but I'd personally prefer a massive item count like you see in many MMO's over say, sryth's item count, where one of two options present themselves, everyone's either wearing the highest end equipment they can get without donating, or the highest they can get with tokens. It just makes each character seem more unique if everyone's not wearing the same stuff, eating the same stuff every day, etc. Anyway I'm really not sure why I'm writing all this out since I'm not trying to convince you to play, just wanted to say my piece I guess.

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I've tried about six times to get into KoL myself, and each time I just don't find there's enough in the general plot and world of the game to keep me interested in playing.

The adventure in each location has the possibilities for interesting content (even if personally I'd prefer a more conventionally explorable world), and once some kind people in the talk channel pointed me in the direction of the various cooking and selling bots it felt much less grindy, ----- however I just cannot seem to really care about completing the various quests, or feel a sense that I've done something worth while even when i complete them.

Then of course, I did find the item count in the game rather ridiculous. Frequently I'd end up with literally hundreds of items which I either didn't know the use of, or which were practically useless, --- like the low grade weapons and armor.

While I realize the point was to try out the various crafting methods in the game to make useful items, there were literally so many to combine that experimentation in the vague hope of creating something got rather dull after a while, ----- and then, even if I did create something, odds were that I'd probably either found or bought something better.

Maybe it's also that KoL isn't too newby friendly, sinse so much in the game requires knolidge of some pretty whacked out puzles or odd combinations that I just ended up looking up online, ----- sinse given the limited number of dayly adventures it was either that or spend absolutely weeks casting around for a vaguely right answer with no hints in site.

Just my thought of course, and I know many people enjoy KoL, which is why there's such an extensive entry on it on audiogames.net.

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