Hi Davy,
One of the nice features of XAudio2 is it has its own compression format, xwma, which seams to have extremely good compression. Of course, alot depends on how high a bit rate and quality you are using, but it is extremely good compression. To convert a wav file to a xwma file simply run a command line tool such as xwmaencode to convert your wav files to xwma files. For example, opening a command window and typing
xwmaencode Music.wav Music.xwma
would convert a PCM music track to a xwma file with a byt rate of 48000 KBPS. Since that is rather low doing
xwmaencode -b 192000 Music.wav Music.xwma
would create a very high quality xwma music track with better than average compression. Of course, if you would rather use something more standard like mp3 files you can use DirectShow that comes with the Windows Platform SDK or you can incorperate libvorbus support for ogg. No matter what you use though you will take a performance hit for using compressed files, and you can not apply special dsp effects to ogg, mp3, and wma files. So I'd recommend only using compressed files for large ambience and music tracks.

Davy Kager wrote:
I am also considering the possibilities of compressed audio formats, such as Ogg Vorbis and ADPCM. I wonder if I can get the sound files reasonably small while still maintaining the sound's quality. I suppose I'll have to do a couple of tests on that subject, but any advise is of course pretty much welcome!

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