Hi Che,
Good point. Although, I don't think the issue with plot lines is just limited to games. Even big well known series like Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Star Trek are beginning to suffer from over use and redundancy. Back in the 80's and 90's I was a huge Star Trek fan. i collected action figures, games, watched the shows, movies, read the books, etc. Eventually, it came to the point where I just got kind of sick of it. After a while it seamed like the same old thing just different day. After Data was killed in Star Trek Nemesis, Voyager came home in the last show, and they ended DS9 I felt like Star Trek was dead, and I admit thinking something along the lines of "its about time they ended it." As many people know Paramount has just released a new Star Trek movie, and I didn't think the movie was that good. I honestly felt like they were reaching for something to try and breath life into a series that is losing interest, that is fading out of fassion, and giving it one last chanse to recapture the former glory. Unfortunately, they have taken the series about as far as they can go, and people, myself included, are moving on to new interests. For me they have just burned everyone out on it by producing too many books, movies, and shows. Its like, "been there done that." With the games like Tomb Raider same goes. It was popular when it was new, it was heavily marketed, and it became hugely successful. Instead of stopping there when it was successful Edos over marketed it by rapidly releasing several games one after another, there were books and comics released, a couple of movies were made, and then people got tired of it and moved on. Clearly Edos is still trying to regain the former glory of Tomb Raider's early success, but you can only hold onto that kind of success for a while before letting go and moving on to something else.

Che wrote:
I would opine that the problem with Tomb Raider's lack of sales is the redundant game play. Folks don't want to shell out $50 to play something they've already done over and over, no matter how much it advances what is usually a fairly thin plot line. Other than Homeworld, there have been very few games with a really intriguing plot line in my opinion released out there since the infocom games of the eighties. This doesn't include games based on existing story lines, such as Star Wars or Harry Potter of course, those guys have the unique ability to build on what has come before, but to create an original idea from scratch and have it be compelling is a very tricky business. Overall though, the plot doesn't touch game play in importance to most players. You could have the best plot line since The Godfather, and if the game play wasn't fun, it wouldn't matter one bit.

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