Yeah, I hear ya. I was never that much into Star Trek myself. I was 6 years old when Star Wars hit the theaters and blew my mind, then 9 or so when Empire Strikes Back came out and blew it again. It was all downhill from there though. George Lucas said he wrote those movies for 8 year olds, and looking back, I'm really glad I was the age I was when those movies came out. It was fun to watch the new trilogy as an adult, but its hard to capture the imagination of a grown up the way you can a wide eyed kid. I mentioned Homeworld as one of the few games to come out with an original plot line that was compelling, but more recently, Bioshock has come out with a really interesting setup, especially for those that have read Atlas Shrugged, it takes those themes to the next level. And Half Life 2 does a really good job of immersing the player in an environment run by a big brother like entity as well.

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Hi Che,
Good point. Although, I don't think the issue with plot lines is just limited to games. Even big well known series like Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Star Trek are beginning to suffer from over use and redundancy.

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