The important thing to remember is that all of us come from different backgrounds and beliefs. So let's be careful here on list when responding to something like this.

Many thanks.

On 9/9/2009 1:50 PM, Nicol wrote:
Hi all
My mom  is  still today a jehovah' witness.
I was reared as a Jehovah witness but I have finally quit them, deciding
that I do not find Jesus amongst them.
Anyway, my mom sent me 3 articles.
The articles comes from a  software package called "watchtower library"
that baptized  Jehovah witnesses gets for a small price.
So my mom pulled the articles from there.
2 of them, reflects the view of the Jehovah witnesses about pc and video
Obviously, they are aming at the sighted gamer, but you might find
interesting what  they had to say about computer and video  gaming. There is
an article about video and computer games in general  and then there is an
article on role playing games where they made a few negative comments.
I would very much like some of your's opinions on the first and/or second
The third article is about toys children made themselves in the ancient
Please let me know what you think about these articles.
Me personally, I feel that the Jehovah witnesses is too strict  but others
might differ  from me.

Raul A. Gallegos

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