Well, from a strictly Christian point of view your heart and mind are suppose to belong to God. Therefore not only are your actions suppose to be pure but your thoughts should be as well. Many Christians believe that by watching certain movies, playing certain video games, reading certain books, your thoughts will be filled with sin, worldliness, and take your mind off of God. You'll be distracted by things like extreme violence, sex, and alternative values rather than being pure in mind as well as deed. Personally I don't feel by playing a violent fighting game or playing an adult interactive fiction game that makes me a bad person. However, like you I wouldn't necessarily let my five year old son play them. Some of the games I've played are over the top when it comes to blood, guts, and gore. While that might be suitable content for an adult watching a guys brains get blown out of the back of his head is certainly not childhood content. It is far too graphic and is overkill when it comes to the blood, guts, and gore factor in my opinion. In that sense I agree with the article Nicol posted. Some of the games are too violent, and could tame down some of the blood, guts, and gore factor. When it comes to the adult interactive fiction games like yours I see it in the same light as pornography. I don't have a problem with pornography as long as it is between two consenting adults, and it doesn't get too carried away. A Christian may disagree with me on religious grounds, but I'm of an age to decide weather I can or can not purchase material like that or not. In the end it is a matter of choice here.

Raul A. Gallegos wrote:
It's kind of funny. Someone emailed me the other day asking me that if I am a Christian, why did I make an adult-oriented game. And truth be told, regardless of my beliefs, I look at music, games, and television as simply that. Music, games, and television. I know that my game is not real and that the people in it are not real. All which can be done is hope that the person playing my game, or any game for that matter, know that the games are not real. I have a wife and kids and I would not want my kids playing my adult game, but if my kids were adults and wanted to do so, more power to them.

Live and let live is what should be done.

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