I am not sure if there are as many arcade room out there anymore. Home computer systems...playstations and ms XBox systems have really given them a beating.
Most of the older games took a single quarter.
When I had sight I spent alot of time in one of them near to my house.
the most awesome games were ones where you could play 2 or 4 players against each other. I loved playing Gauntlet! it was a 4 sided system. One big screen in the middle facing up, and 4 players at east, west, north, and south playing against each other. there was another one I loved. Can't recall its name just yet. But you had two Uzi machine guns on the front of the box. You had to shoot enemy vehicles...and there were buzzards that would fly thru, if you shot them you got the extra bullet cart they carreid and then dropped. Missile command was awesome too! a track ball moved an x on the screen where you would hit one of 3 buttons to shoot from city 1, 2, 3 at the incoming missiles. One game I liked had you sit on the top of a motorcycle and race it on the screen in front of you. The cycle could tilt so you really got in the curves close for a faster run. There was a submarine game that had you look thru a periscope to shoot at ships passing over you. Marble madness was another trackball game. You had to race a ball down a maze avoiding monsters, acid pools and other hazards by rolling the trackball in the direction you wished the marble on the screen to roll. Sometimes to get the marble to change direction you really had to give the trackball 2 good rolls to change direction. Some of the Jet plane games had you use a high tech joystick. Some had 8 buttons on it.
some were for defense and others were offensive.
One terminator shooter game I played also had a nice machine gun on it. Even had option to shoot a grenade. as games got more advanced, the cost went up from a single quarter to 3-4 quarters per game. the erly big draw games were pacman, missile command, space invaders, and asteroids.

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