Hi Johnny,
Shrug...People keep telling me it is too hard, not enough ammo, etc. Thing is I've played it a number of times and don't find it particularly difficult on beginner. It's harder for the developer of a game to relate, I guess, because I am what people might call a master. i know all of the secrets in and out and can take advantage of them without thinking about them. As a result it is almost impossible for me to see the game the same way you do. I often play on the expert level as that level is what I consider challenging, and what some might declare ridiculously impossible.

Johnny Tai wrote:
I personally really believe that the 'beginner' experience level is just a bit on the ridiculously tough side rofl- of course, cause I haven't even beaten it once and I've been at it for hours. I know some call that replayability, but I think there's a fineline between something being replayable and just pure frustration- especially when it's so much based on luck- if you grab multiple weapons in the first few rooms, great, if not, well, newbs like me can't even run past a centaur without dying rofl. So isn't the whole point of a 'beginner' level about being easy on newcomers? I know this vaguely sound like wining, but I think my point is valid. When a person has no idea what's going on and what tricks to use and where, he/she doesn't really enjoy dying 20+ times in under a hour rofl.
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