That's true tom regarding getting in touch with companies.

I actually spoke to a capcom rep on the phone, and he was less than helpful.

When I phoned Nintendo Uk asking about access to the wiimote menue system, I got a much more useful person, who appreciated the problem and actually tested various methods for me.

However, that conversation ended in a big road block, because even though it wouldn't be difficult for Nintendo to make a basic upgrade to the wii to have a standardized menue system as an alternative to using the wiimote, Nintendo Uk actually couldn't get in touch with the developement team in Japan or the Us to tell them, ---- even if they wanted to.

And that was working with an extremely nice and cooperative person from Nintendo Uk in the first place.

Even getting the phone number of Nintendo's Uk office was something of an adventure (sinse of course they're X directory), required me to sweet talk first a mail order service (who luckily I've used on several occasions), and then a whole sale despatcher.

While i'm completely unsure that suing companies is the right way to go, ---- I'm stil not certain how anyone, ---- even major organizations like the game accessibility project can actually talk to the people that matter about game access.

this is why, both from extensive personal experience talking to companies about access, I'm stil convinced the future of accessible games lies with the independent developers like Nielsbaur (see the latest news on for more on them), and 7-128, ---- and all those web games we've been playing.

I'm actually amazed how quickly some developers, ---- such as coops of core exiles are in responding to reasonable access suggestions.

I'm not saying that the game accessibility project etc shouldn't try to contact the mainstream companies, ---- I'm just very scheptical of how much actual good it will do given their truly insan burocracy.

Beware the grue!


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