Hi Dark,
Well, that sort of thing happens often enough here too, but ever since the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's the USA in general is more consciously aware of a persons individual civil rights weather they be of another race, gender, or if they have a disability. Plus sad to say we have had a lot of politically correct laws passed that makes people afraid of being sued if they mistreat someone of another gender, race, or if they have some sort of disability. We could use that to our advantage if we want to, some do, but it also increases tentions between sighted people and those with a disability. A case in point. I once ordered a cup of cofee from McDonald's. Now, everyone knows about the case about the woman who sued McDonald's after she placed a hot cup of cofee between her legs, and burned herself down there. Well, sometime later I come along buy a cup of cofee, and the woman who took my order was insistant that I don't carry it to my table myself, and did it herself, waited until it cooled before handing it to me. I could have felt insulted, and to this day I'm not sure if the woman was genuinely concerned for my safety or was just concerned I'd burn myself and sue her and MicDonald's if I did. Perhaps it was a bit of both. Either way being that I was totally blind I obviously got special treatment when I really didn't need any, and weather it was out of genuine concern or fear I might sue someone I had to put up with this indignaty of having someone else hold my coffee until it cooled. Ah, but I'm getting way off topic myself. Anyway, the average persons view of disability has gone up some over the passed few years. There have been laws like Public Law 9-22 that makes it possible for the National Library Service for the Blind, Bookshare, and RFB&D to operate which is where we get a majority of our accessible materials come from. There is Section 508 which to its credit has forced companies like Apple to take accessibility much more seriously, and to their credit Apple has adopted a high degree of accessibility standards regarding their software over the passed couple of years. One by one we are making progress, but there are areas such as games where the law doesn't quite reach far enough. Hopefully this suit will bring some positive attention to this subject and bring developers to the table to improve the accessibility standards of their games up some.

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