Funny Tom, my university has an exchange going with the university ot tokio, and I've never had any problems with the Japanese I've met, ---- indeed I got to become quite good friends with one girl at my light opera society.

Also, my mum, ---- who is a physio for disabled children did a demonstration once of some equipment she was pioneering to some Japanese businessmen, ---- who were great both about the physical disability issue, and about my mum and I both being visually impared (they actually invited me to go and look them up if I ever traveled to Japan).

I'm guessing that like every country though, there are mixed views.

You might actually be surprised to learn, that the general view of Vi people in the Uk is actually pretty shoddy, both in governmental and business terms, and among the general public.

For a long while it was the accepted belief that blind people should go to specific institutions and stay there out of sight, ---- and indeed members of the public can be quite resentful of Vi people for not staying inside some sort of institution.

This has resulted in a lot of Uk blind people going to special schools, and growing up quite isolated from everyone who isn't in the blind cleaque, ---- and disability services who say things like "well disabled people aren't the best judges of what they can or cannot do"

I am for instance the only officially registered blind student in Durham uni currently, ---- and I usually get on with sorting matters myself if they need sorting.

This is also why I'm attempting to create a new and useable deffinition of disability in my phd, which I can then apply to solve various dilemmas, ---- such as how a thing should or should not be judged as accessible.

Before this turns into a long Ot wrant about my research though, ---- I'll stop.

Beware the Grue!


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