Hi Dark,
Hahahaha! That would be seriously funny. Talk about getting media attention. Blind man heads armed raid against world renown video game company. I can see the head lines now. Seriously though, a major part of the problem is that there are different cultural views about blindness to concidder here. I don't know if this opinion is held by all Japanese people, but I once was told by someone from Japan that in her country a blind person is expected to stay home where his family can tend to him, take care of him, and not mingal with the rest of society as we do. As you might expect I was a bit upset at this opinion, dim view of blind people, but conciddering the fact this girl grew up in that culture, was raised that way, it is a opinion that apparently hasn't been challenged openly in that country as it has been in the USA and UK. If we assume this girl is telling me the truth then the developers of Sony, Nintendo, etc that are Japanese may not be open to accessibility do to their narrow cultural view of the subject to begin with. This is a far more serious problem than the subject of game accessibility itself. Sad to say many countries don't share the USA's concept of human rights. We have gotten so use to demanding equal rights for women, disabilities, race, whatever that we forget many countries don't share our views. There are plenty of places in the world we would concidder backward that treat women little better than slaves, a person with a disability has no rights at all, and if you are of another race you are an outcast. So accessibility really becomes a global problem in the long run.

dark wrote:
Well, I admit I was only suggesting a small change, ---- merely the ability to access Wii menues by the standard up down arrows method which has been used in games for years, rather than having to use the Wiimote to point at specific areas of the screen which I find near impossible.

It would be an easy change to make, and sinse the wii software is continually updated by downloadable content, not impossible to implement either.

However reasonable the suggestion though, it's no good if it can't be made with the right person.

In independent games, I've actually been able to talk to developers, ----- I've been having an onrunning conversation by in game pm with Coops of core exiles for a while now, ---- and everyone who's played the game has seen the results of that in the labled buttons, ---- not that I'm trying to brag, ---- I'm just saying that had I not been able to talk to coops himself, this wouldn't have happened.

Short of learning Japanese, getting a plane to Japan and employing a team of gun toting gangsters to break into nintendo's dev offices, ---- I've no idea how to actually get to talk access with them.

Though that actually doesn't sound like a bad plan, ---- hmmm, I wonder if the Yacusa do a disability concessionary rate on armed raides?

"You make your games accessible, ---- or you don't make anymore games, ----- ever!"

beware the grue!


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