Hi Dark,
Well, I don't know Draconis's or 7-128's financial overhead, but it would be interesting to add to the debate if they would be willing to share or release such information here. All I do know is that game's specifically created for the blind generally don't do well, and the income made off of them isn't enough to make a living. As a result most of us have jobs outside the games we create for fun. Now, as for a game like Sryth it has a large appeal that is not specific to just blind players. As a result Michael has a sizable subscriber base including both blind and sighted players alike. Given that it is a game accessible to the blind and sighted gamers anyone can likely make a living off that type of game as long as there are people willing to pay for a subscription and give donations. Granted in the USA thirty to fourty thousand a year is not considered very good money, but you can live on it if you are careful with your money, aren't a big spender, and manage it well. It is certainly better money than the average person gets running the checkout counter for a store, stocking shelves, or a hundred other entry level jobs here in the USA. To answer your questions more directly a blind game developer probably could make it if he or she did design a very good online based RPG game that would be available to both blind and sighted players alike. Obviously the game would need to be maintained in order to keep the customers coming back, but maintaining it would be much less work than writing it in the first place. He could work on other accessible games in his free time tha would of course add to his over all income, and still be making a living at it. I've thought about doing this myself, but I'm not really sure I'm up to the task of writing a good roll playing game as compelling as Final Fantacy or even as good as Sryth. For me it is a creativity block rather than a technical block.


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