Agreed. In all respects Q9 is a classic 80's type side-scroller similar to Donkey Kong and some of the later Pitfall games. Things like level editors etc need not apply here. This is exactly one of the aspects where I ran into problems with Mysteries of the Ancients. I started out writing a traditional side-scroller along the lines of Montezuma's Revenge,and I was bombarded with requests for level editors, save game features, random monsters, random items, etc. After a while as I added features and updates the game ceased to be what I initially had planned to create in the first place. In the end I've been very disappointed in the product while others constantly say how much they enjoy it. Kind of a paradox disliking the very game others like. However, that situation was caused by trying to please everyone else except myself. I don't want to see Philip make this mistake as well. Anyway, in my personal opinion adding level editors and such to Q9 would ruin the classic arcade game feel. The reason I like this game so well is it reminds me of the type of games I played in my younger years. Sure it has some modern aspects like random items, random monsters, etc but that enhances rather than detracts from the game. The game is very adictive and has a high amount of replay value for me right now. That's all that counts in my opinion.

dark wrote:
while more traps would be nice if possible, ---- maybe themed traps for the levels, I seriously don't see what good an editer would do in a game where everything is randomized, sinse I assume the principle differences betwene the levels are the types and frequency rates of enemies, pits and items, ---- and their length.

I don't see how playing with these factors in an editer would really do anything more than the current game is doing already.

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