Hi Peter and all,
I actually like the game as it is. In terms of only fighting animals and only having weapons like clubs and a slingshot I see the game as taking place in prehistoric times, and not in the modern world. Human beings, at least homosapiens, have only been around for the past couple hundred thousand years. If we look in it in that light things like city worlds, industrial worlds, and attacking lawn mowers are quite out of place.

Another angle here is the world isn't our earth at all, but an earth like planet without people where the highest form of life is apes and gorillas. Speaking as a scientist and sci-fi fan why not replace humans with semi-inteligent gorillas anyway?

peter Mahach wrote:
don't agree with everything you said but I do agree with a few things.
*more worldsand enemies. that's true. from the game's point of view it feels like earth is a wild planet, wild life all around, no humanity...
a few world ideas
*the cityworld. you know, streets, that sort of thing. could have enemies such as cars or some random gun wielding guys.
*the factory world. industrial, you're walking on metal... etc etc.
*the water world. let's take q9 for a swim. enemies could include different fish, perhaps wails (could have alot of hp and, with their attack tehy could perhaps throw you back a few steps), sharks, ... *the garden world*. something more to the nature feel of the game but still with a twist. new enemies could include lawnmowers that could run you over (can't kill them like rino's), flies (require jumping up like bats but can give you poison that could take away health durring time) ...
and some more weapons such as
*gun, classic. requires ammo.
*grenade launcher, could be called classic, too. useful for destroying packs of enemies, but there aren't much available to not make things simple. *taser for those who don't know, in rl this sends an elecctrical charge at someone stunning them for a while. in game this could be fun to have.

and what about this. if q9's an alien he could have abilities of his own such as hyper jump (jumps high to avoid attacks but lasts a short while and you can't avoid pits with it) or charm (makes an enemy attack other enemies for a brief amount of time and requires recharging.)
sorry for the long message and hth.

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