Hi Ryan.

Probably why you can't find it systems wise is because the amigar wasn't a games system, ---- it was a computer produced by Comador, ---- who previous to producing the amigar produced the famous Comador 64 (which you may have heard of).

I can't say how good or not the amigar was programming wise, ----- even the most advanced model, the a1200 only had i believe 1200 K of ram.

It was however supremely good for games, and as well as having many of it's own titles, ---- the amazingly gorey beat em up/rpg moonstone (which had blood controversy and was actually banned in Germany several years before Mortal combat had ever been heard of), Graphic adventures like Secret of monkey island, the huge puzle game emerald mine, ---- which had literally fifty thousand user created levels, some fantastic platformers, ---- most notably the original versions of turrican featuring truly fantastic award winning soundtracks, (which I'd stil say are fantastic even today), pluss versions of some late 80's and very early 90's games like James pond 1 and 2, robocop, Golden axe and even mortal combat, which were superior to console versions like the Mega drive (genesis).

also, as it was a computer using floppy disks, developement tools were entirely accessible, and hobby programmers would distribute their own created games on a very regular basis, ---- we used to get public domain magazines with attached game disks literally once a fortnight.

some of the pd games were amazing too, ---- such as one title called "war" which was a mix of basic resource management stratogy and real time shoot em up spaceship combat.

I'm not sure if it ever had any workable synths, ---- sinse I couldn't even type when we owned one, and for myself could only play games (as now), which didn't have too much text.

Stil, it was a fantastic machine with some great games, easily the most powerful of the 80's computers like the bbc micro and amstrad cpc, which are stil well remembered today.

Just look up turrican or moonstone in Wikipedia for details (I've often thought Moonstone would be a fantastic audio game).

Hope this answers your question.

Beware the grue!


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