wow tom! the game got as far into mythos as having hades helmet of darkness? --- I'm greatly impressed and quite sorry i've never had the chance to play it.

Adventure island sounds a bit like an old amiga title called Chuck rock, in which you played a cave man trying to rescue his wife from the evil Garry gritter, ---- another cave man!

sound effects and in game text were hilarious, ---- as were many of the bosses including a tiger which literally turned you white with fear when it growled, ----- and a T Rex with boxing gloves.

You also defeated enemies by bouncing them with your belly, --- which was unique indeed!

obviously, another point of the game was picking up, carrying and chucking rocks, ---- sometimes using them to solve various puzles involving steps and ledges.

there was a sequal, chuck rock II which had you playing as Chuck junior trying to rescue his dad from Garry Gritter's brother, ---- evil brick jagger!

Being bought out far later on the amiga, it was a much more advanced game with far better music sounds and graphics, and a more intricate system of attacks involving a club.

you could also ride various dinosaurs and other creatures in that game too, ---- including a mountain goat at one stage which jumped really high and didn't slip on ice.

these sorts of comparatively symple, ---- but vertically complex games in audio would be very nice to see, ---- -especially if they could have such a great system as the battle for olympus you mention.

Beware the grue!


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