This is exactly why Tom recorded speech or self-voicing options are better, ---- not to mention Sapi for people using windows.

It's for this reason I've never been able to try muds until Vip mud came out with it's Sapi support, sinse I couldn't find a default client which output directly to Hal, ---- and my usual methods with reading the screen in Hal couldn't seem to keep up with what was going on in the Mud.

Now Hal has Lua mapping support included, it's possible for developers to write up map files for it easily enough, though I stil agree on access options being a better deal for developers to use, sinse people could be using Nvda or whatever.

What really showed this to me, was Smugglers 4. I'm not sure of the technical reasons, but the game seemed to play a lot more smoothly with Hal (and I believe window eyes), than with jaws. We can all remember the hoo har over that one, ---- and Niels had to redo some of the item labeling rules just to get Jaws support added.

Hopefully, what he's learnt from smugglers 4 will make the access features of the up coming Tv manager 2 less of a hassle, ---- but it is interesting he had to specifically add Jaws support from reader requests, while as you mention, many devs do not support other screen readers.

Beware the grue!


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Hi Bryan,
Well, don't forget GMA. As of Lonewolf 3.5 the game has Window Eyes API support. That happened because us non-Jaws users nagged David Greenwood until he realized not all of his Lonewolf customers are Jaws users, and we want the same access to the game as Jaws users. If he could use the JFW API for the game he could use the same for Window Eyes too.

In the end he finally added Window Eyes and Sapi 5 support in version 3.5. However, that might not have happened if there were not enough non-Jaws users to maret such an upgrade. However, this is clearly a good case of how the developer uses Jaws, developed the game initially for a Jaws user base, and finally was asked to include other screen readers as part of the games speech output.

Cases like this sets a president that we can't assume what access technology, if any, is present on the target computer. These days it could be a free and open source solution like NVDA for all we know. Therefore the game itself should provide all that is necessary for providing accessibility to itself independant of any specific screen reader or speech software that may or may not be present.

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