Hi Phil.

Nice suggestions, ---- mucking about with spells or being got by peeves hadn't actually occurred to me as things I could show in a demo.

As for the nationality business, ---- well we get so many american films books and just about everything else over here, nobody would particularly take too much notice of a game being overly american or not unless it required some sort of specific knolidge to play, like Jim's american football or baseball games.

Sarah would appeal to people on the basis that it's a complex and detailed adventure game, ---- and one very well researched and based in harry potter, ---- far more than simply the fact it happens to be set in England.

While most people in England (even me, a card carrying non sports fan), know how basically how socker works, ---- sports from other countries can be a litle less easily understandable, ---- one reason why I needed the rules of baseball added to Jim's baseball game before I could play it, ---- and one reason I'm stil less than clear on how american football works myself.

In fairness, as someone who doesn't particularly take sport seriously, I am probably equally ignorant about Crickit, ---- and in fact find my friend who's a crickit fan equally incomprehensible when he goes into specific crickit lingo, ---- though for general national averages, there are probably more socker and crickit fans in england (socker being particularly popular), than fans of American football, baseball or baskit ball, ---- hence my need to specify which sort of football I'm talking about, sinse generally in the Uk football pretty exclusively means socker.

Apart from sports though, I can't really think of anything which wouldn't come across over here simply for not being British, or be better if it was, ---- even wild west is pretty well known about as a genre.

Beware the grue!


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