Hi Dark,
Hmmm...That's a good point. Something like Shades of Doom, Sarah, and even Mysteries of the Ancients isn't something you can get the hang of in a short one to five minute preview. At least not like with Q9 that is so simple you can practically pick it up and play it without the manual. Troopenum, Judgment Day, etc are also simple games you could show off that don't take much practice or studying to master.

dark wrote:
Yes phil! we don't want any ill mannered yankies in our propper English magic school thank you very much! ;D. being serious now, my one slight issue with sarah as a quick exhibition game is how easy it is to pick up and play without reading the manual or looking at any commands.

If I can just tell someone "click on a planet to fly there" or "hit anything nasty you here in the right speaker" that is fine, ---- but Sarah has many keys, and many sounds for people to get to grips with at one time.

If I got someone who wanted a complex or heavily atmospheric game, ---- I would indeed show them Sarah, --- but that's why it didn't occur to me when I was just randomly off the top of my head thinking of games I could quickly show off to passers by, ---- that's also why I didn't include mota in that list either.

That was also in no way intended as an exhaustive list, ---- just some random thoughts on what games I might show people.

Bare in mind, Site village is a very crowded affair with literally hundreds of people moving through it. It'd almost be a markit type affair with me sitting on a stall, --- and basically chatting to people as they passed, intermitantly giving them quick goes on a game or two, ---- then (hopefully), telling them to move along because someone else wanted a turn!

Btw, on the british voice acting front, ---- if your stil in the business of adding to sarah, --- I've now got an R09 recorder some stage experience, and would be glad to give you a voice or two myself, ---- just let me know who you might need.

Beware thee grue!


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