Hi Folks,
I was sure my update to the Sarah game would be finished by now.
But my wife getting a new Guide dog from the Seeing Eye has slowed down my game development work. It's probably like having a three year old visit, strange feeding schedules, sibling interactions to police, and sleeping arrangements to be sorted out.
So at this time I can only outline some of the changes in version 1.2

1. The number of different potions you can brew has increased from one to 3, and the locations of the ingredients are concentrated on only two floors. On the ground floor you will find a potion book that lists the three types of potions you can make plus the list of ingredients that are needed to brew them. Along with the current Polyjuice potion you will be able to brew Amortentia, a powerful love potion, and Felix Felicis, the Liquid Luck Potion.
The potion brewing is now in the potions classroom on the dungeon level.
2. You can now apparate to specific parts of the floor you are on, once you find the map and use it. For example on the Ground floor and Basement you can apparate to the Broom Cupboard, or the Great Hall. Once you get the map you can then apparate to the Kitchen or the Centaur Divination Classroom, or the Hufflepuff common room. 3. The map allows you to examine just what is in the area around you, in an area 70 feet north and south and 100 feet east and west. 4. There are new rooms and new creatures that you will encounter, including one very nasty rat. 5. Once you find your way out of the castle you will have the opportunity to go through the Maze that was built for the Triwizard Tournament that has a surprise at the center, different than the cup in the book. 6. You will find many items from the joke shop sprinkled through the castle, especially in the students dorm rooms. On each floor of Hogwarts you will find a Skiving Snackbox filled with a random candy.
If you drop a Snackbox candy near Filch you will hear.
him picking it up, unwrapping and eating the candy.
Filch then reading the name of the candy on the wrapper.
and finally, Filch being sick and unable to go after you for a time.
7.     You will find five more spells in your spell list.
Causes a trap door to lower.
Wingardium Leviosa,
Makes objects fly.
Makes something vanish.
the disarming spell.
Blasts solid objects out of your path.

8. random creature feature.
On the easy level, some of the creatures are there 50 percent of the time while in standard they are there 75 percent of the time.
This makes those two levels of difficulty slightly less difficult.

9. There is a novel titled Sarah Goode and the castle of witchcraft and wizardry, which is based on this game in your game folder. This is the ultimate walkthrough for the Sarah and the castle of witchcraft and wizardry game.

This update will be free to all registered owners of the game,
and I will try my hardest to have it done in December.
Phil Vlasak

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