Hi all,
With the recent release of q9 and the upcoming release of MOTA, I started 
thinking about the ending bosses in games. In a lot of games for the sighted, 
such as many of the Legend of Zelda games, and the new super Mario brothers for 
WII, the ending boss either has multiple stages or there are multiple bosses 
which you must face one after the other. For example, ine one of the Zelda 
games, after killing the final boss for the first time, you must run out of a 
collapsing castle, where you encounter a transformed, more powerful boss. In 
the recent New Super Mario Brothers WII, after defeating Bowser for the first 
time, he comes back considerably larger, and you must run from him, tempting 
him to shoot fire at you in order to destroy barriers that are blocking your 
path. Eventually, you reach a switch which drops Bowser into lava.
I have not seen any battles like this in any accessible game, and I think a 
game like MOTA is a prime candidate for something like this. Angela could face 
multiple creatures in a row, or have to run through a collapsing level in order 
to reach an exit or another boss.
What are your thoughts?
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