Hi Dark,
Personally, I like the suggestion of limiting the ability to kill a boss to the sword. Since the sword is an enchanted sword it only stands to reason it would be the only weapon powerful enough to slay Kerberos, a cyclops, a minotaur, a hydra, and other such powerful creatures of Greek mythology. Plus the ending battle is going to be a sword duel anyway. Not only that, but besides the bosses mentioned above I've been thinking of making up some new bosses. Say a warrior in heavy armour and sword who will challenge Angela to pass a certain point like cross a bridge or something. Perhaps some ancient Greek mage/sorceror who would be powerful enough to cast fireballs, perhaps create an ice storm, or something cool like that. Perhaps a massive skeleton warrior on horse back. Lots of cool ideas here.

dark wrote:
Hi Tom.

as I said, environmental factors, ---- and tactical advantage!

suppose, ---- as happened with certain sword wielding bosses in castlevania, the minertaur's weight when swinging it's sword caused rocks to fall from the cieling which angela had to doge, ---- thus making mow down at a distance a lot harder.

a cheaper (but possibly tougher and more dramatic option), might be to have the minertau's thick skin imune to bullets, ---- however the magic sword angela finds in the temple is just the thing, ---- though that might make bosses tough indeed!

You could also considder arming the beast with some sort of long distance weapon, spears to throw, a ball and chain etc.

I've even seen games where big stationary bosses had magic weapons which they could throw, and then have boomerang back to them!

there are mythical counterpoints for such, ---- and those attacks could be a real pest because they would often hit you twice, once on the way out, and once coming back!

Just some random thought.

Beware the grue!


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