well I think you should do what you can to at least get the registered  version 
going even if this is just adding the reg support in the game so that those 
that are waiting for the game due to the pree orders and such don't whine at 
you, they have been waiting long enough.
However since I didn't do the preorder thing when it was mont I say go for it 
I have seen wh what your work is nice and if its going  to be better than it 
actually is which by the way actually is quite good then go nock yourself out.
At 02:39 p.m. 13/12/2009, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>Over the passed few months many of you have reported to me a problem with 
>Mysteries of the Ancients where it crashes suddenly and often times without 
>warning. Some times an error will come up stating that a certain *.wav file 
>could not be found, DirectX passes an illegal argument exception, and so on 
>all of which seam to be related to Managed DirectX. I've confirmed this 
>problem is related to Managed DirectX itself, not my games, from various 
>sources so it is quite apparent that the Managed DirectX API for .NET programs 
>needs to be taken out of the game and be replaced with something else much 
>more stable and reliable. I agree that this should be done before Mysteries of 
>the Ancients 1.0 is released. Obviously this will take some time, but there 
>are various options and alternatives open to me at this point.
>There is a somewhat short term solution I could use where I simply upgrade the 
>existing Genesis Engine written in C# .NET with alternative sound and input 
>APIs. Just off the top of my head there is FMOD,Earclang, the XNA Framework, 
>and SlimDX just to name a few options here. While upgrading the engine to use 
>one or more of these APIs wouldn't take too long I do wonder if that is the 
>better solution for the project long term.
>A better long term solution is to simply move away from C# .NET altogether and 
>begin converting the code over to C++ now. Two of my projects STFC and USA 
>Raceway are already in the process of being written in C++, and it would be in 
>my long term interests to go ahead and switch the Genesis Engine and Mysteries 
>of the Ancients to c++ now rather than wait to do it later on.
>For one thing I've been in the process of converting the Genesis Engine over 
>to C++ anyway as well as some on going projects like the new STFC and USA 
>Raceway. Rather than go through the trouble of removing Managed DirectX from 
>the .NET based engine, upgrading it for this one game, it makes more practical 
>sense to save myself the time and work by completing the C++ version of the 
>Genesis Engine. Once that task is completed I could conceivably produce a 
>better more stable version of Mysteries of the Ancients  by using the newer 
>and hopefully better C++ based game engine.
>Another reason why I think Mysteries of the Ancients should be converted to 
>C++ has to do with long term technical support on my end of things. Ever since 
>I began releasing games based on Microsoft's .NET technology my number one 
>technical support issue has been related to downloading, installing, and 
>upgrading the various .NET components you need such as the .NET Framework and 
>Managed DirectX. Were i to switch to C++ I could save both you and I a lot of 
>work downloading, installing, and upgrading libraries as I would primarily use 
>standard Windows libraries that would be found on any XP, Vista, or Windows 7 
>system. You should be able to just install and go without wondering if you 
>have the absolutely latest DirectX or .NET Framework on your system. I think 
>this is a much better user friendly setup and hopefully would require a lot 
>less tech support from me.
>Those are just some of the advantages of switching to C++ now. Others would 
>include better system performance, better security, a wider availability of 
>game related APIs, etc. Basically, C++ can't be beat when it comes to game 
>programming, and now is clearly the time to strongly consider using it for 
>this project as well as my on going and pending projects.
>The one question I know many of you are asking is, "how long will all of this 
>That is a difficult question to answer. Anything I would say here would be 
>simply a guess at best. Do to the fact C# .NET is a C-Style language it 
>obviously has a lot in common with C++, and much of the code could be 
>converted pretty easily from C# to C++. That would obviously save time. Still 
>there would be quite a lot of manual coding by hand to fully convert the 
>engine from one language to the other. How long that would actually take is 
>anyone's guess. However, if I had to make an educated guess say three or four 
>months for the conversion process if everything goes well.
>Anyway, the point I want to make is that there are lots of ways of resolving 
>our Managed DirectX issue. In the short term I certainly could upgrade the 
>.NET based Genesis Engine, finish Mysteries of the Ancients, and have 1.0 out 
>fairly quickly. However, I believe the long term solution, converting the game 
>to C++, is the better solution. The advantages of converting the game to C++ 
>far out way those of simply upgrading the current .NET engine and releasing 
>it. While it takes longer it is ultimately what i feel I should do.
>So for those of you who are in a rush to get this game please be patient and 
>understand I'm only doing this for your best interests. I'd much rather take a 
>few extra months developing this game if it is going to be easier to install, 
>is more stable, and a better product rather than doing the quick and easy 
>thing. As they say good things come to those who wait.
>Thomas Ward
>President of USA Games Interactive
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