Hi Ryan,
True, but there are some better alternatives to Javascript here. For example, one reason I suggested Perl is that it is a better more cross-platform friendly language in my opinion. Perl is very light wait and simple to use, and I've been thinking of doing some cgi programming for my own web site using Perl. Anyway, if Dark chose to make his game book have two parts the game book in html the programming end could be done in Perl.Both parts would be extremely cross-platform friendly and is probbly the easiest languages to learn for a game of this type.

Ryan Smith wrote:
JavaScript can store your information/produce sounds, and re-load HTML
pages behind the scene with AJAX. ( I've done a similar thing with
loading new data behind the scenes in my web version of Monopoly, that
I'll hopefully release very very soon.) You'd store information in
variables, and perhaps store saved games in cookies. Going this route,
players can save the various HTML files to there hard drives. (You can
also just use 1 HTML file. The different links users need to click to
make choices, etc, can all be accomplished in 1 file with JavaScript).

If your trying to do something kind of like LOTGD, your best bet is a
combination of JavaScript and PHP. You could store the character's
login/password, and the different stats on them (health, level, etc)
with MySQL. You can make use of JavaScript to load sounds. PHP would
echo HTML code for various links to do things.

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