Hi Trouble,
Thanks for the corrections. I don't actually own a Mac myself although I have used them a few times at my relatives' house. So I do appreciate the updated information. However, my main point was to point out that just because someone invests in a Mac or Linux PC it isn't the end of the world for Windows applications. There are ways of getting around that problem like running Windows via Boot Camp, using VM Ware, creating a multiboot, whatever. I've even managed to get some accessible games going under wine, but it is a massive pain in the rear to get working since you have to copy, cut, and paste a lot of dependencies into wine from Windows XP. Some games are easier to get working under emulation than others. Some games like Q9 and Kringle Crash would be easier to get running under wine just because it is written in C++ and basically requires DirectX 8 which can easily be setup under wine. Jim Kitchens games on the other hand require DirectX 8, Sapi 5, Visual Basic 6, and all the dependencies they depend on which becomes a mess of libraries and files to install to get it working. Equally bad are Che's .NET based games for roughly the same reasons. Too many dependencies requiring too many other dependencies to resolve realistically for emulation. So running games via wine is pretty hit and miss, but it can be done in some cases.

Trouble wrote:
Just to clear a few things up.
With boot camp your second op is not running in virtual mode. It is running under full system resources. So on the new mac's it would be like a regular pc. Now if you want the best of both worlds and ops. You can run them together with the second op in the virtual world with either fusion or virtual box. That lets them run side by side sharing resources. Now we also have a third option with peroral for mac. it lets you install and run the pc software under the mac op. The only bust here is not all software will run that way but a lot will. With this new mac op you can even install it on a pc. They call them hackintoshes.

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