Hi Yohandy,
Yeah, I've encountered my share of people with the exact same attitude
and opinions. I use to be subscribed to several Linux related mailing
lists and there were always a few Linux users on their that copped a
superiority attitude. To hear them talk Linux never crashes, Linux is
invulnerable to hacking/cracking,  Linux is totally invulnerable to
viruses, and so on.  That's a completely unrealistic attitude to have,
because it isn't true. It's true Linux is over all more secure than
Windows and viruses are virtually unheard of on Linux, but there have
been exceptions such as the so-called Red Hat Worm that took down
several Red Hat Linux based servers before the Linux community developed
a security patch to prevent future infections of the worm.  A couple of
years ago the Gnome 2.6 or 2.8 desktop had a very nasty bug where the
Gnome panel would crash on startup crashing the entire  graphical user
interface. The bug was fixed of course, but the point is Linux, like
everything else, can crash from time to time.It may not be very common,
but it does happen.
Like you I've seen my share of new Mac OS users taking the same
attitude/opinion.They just got a MacBook last  year and suddenly they
know everything.  They believe as some linux users do that they are now
invulnerable to every problem that Windows users face. It isn't true, is
unrealistic, but that's what they think or have been told by the
uneducated.  Mac OS frequently has security patches, bug fixes,etc just
like Windows or Linux. Nothing you buy is 100% completely secure or bug
free. The best thing you can say is Mac OS is more secure and is
generally more stable, runs faster, etc but isn't absolutely invincible
compared to operating system x.
So I understand where you are coming from completely.  I'm a very
dedicated Linux user myself, but it drives me slightly crazy when I'm on
list x and someone starts in with the "my operating system is so big and
mighty there isn't anything it can't do for you" song and dance" because
generally the information is incorrect.  Every operating system has its
pros and cons, and there is no single one-size fits all solution.

On Fri, 2010-01-08 at 13:32 -0500, Yohandy wrote:
> Thomas,
> I have no problem with people promoting their favorite OS, software etc. 
> it's just the way in which it was promoted I didn't agree with. people tend 
> to assume that just because they have a mac they're invulnerable to hardware 
> issues, viruses, and pretty much every computer problem that plagues windows 
> machines and that just isn't true. one day a mac user is going to get a 
> virus and they're not going to like it. Most mac users I've spoken to think 
> they're mac is superior to windows and they don't even bother with antivirus 
> programs. viruses for mac do exist, and so do all other problems. what'    s 
> even more annoying is that most of these users just got a mac like a year 
> ago, and before that used windows exclusively, yet upon reading their 
> comments you'd think they've been using macs forever and know what they're 
> talking about. folks please stop spreading misinformation.

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