Hi Trouble,
Actually, Mac OS X is based on a BSD core. The graphical user interface
is a custom GUI developed by Apple Soft, but the operating system itself
is a gloified clone of BSD Unix. That is why it is so stable, and is
reasonably secure from malware because traditionally Unix based
operating systems have a completely different approach to security than
Windows and it is not impossible but much harder to infect a BSD, Linux,
or Mac OS system with a virus or worm.
Here is a case in point.  There have been viruses and worms developed
for Linux, but not many. The difference here is that the  virus/worm
infected the target system by someone hacking into the super user
account remotely and then planting the virus/worm , and then ran it as
root. Obviously, these were very determined and skilled attacks,
requiring a lot of skill compromising Linux security, and isn't the work
of your average virus creater. So given the fact such virus and worm
attacks are difficult and pretty rare a Linux system is generally more
secure than Windows.
In all my years as a computer technology specialist I've never seen a
case were a Mac or Linux computer was infected with a virus via e-mail
which is the traditional way of infecting Windows systems. Plus most Mac
or Linux users don't traditionally run as root, the super user, and
prefer using a standard non-admin account for day to day operation of
the computer. This adds a layer of security that Windows users don't
generally practice. I've seen a lot of average home users computers
and99% of the computers I work on are running as administrator 24/7. Not
only is that bad it's just plane stupid from a security standpoint. They
unknowingly give full unsecured access to the operating system to every
virus, worm, trojan, and spyware that comes along. So when you put it
altogether between bad security habits and a poor secure design Windows
is just easier to infect and compromise.
Anyway, we are getting extremely off topic here. Let's try and stear
thing backs to gaming shall we?


On Sat, 2010-01-09 at 05:12 -0500, Trouble wrote:
> Actually its the op itself. When anything and I mean anything goes to 
> save or write to the op or harddrive. It will ask if you want it 
> done. Even when saving a file on install a window pops up giving the 
> web address and asking if ok to preform action.
> So unless your truly stupid. You can not get much on a mac. And lets 
> not forget the op itself, its not windows based its more on linix and 
> never had there ben a virus on that op.
> I'm not saying it can't be done, but its not as easy as anything 
> windows based. With mac's software is ran independent of the op and 
> not intercorrelated into every facet like windows, and yes you can 
> run software together as though it was part of each other.
> mac has more than 15% of the market and is growing. The biggest 
> problem with windows is low power boxes. In a mac you get the highest 
> of all parts.
> Take my xp box, 2.8 dual core2, 2 gigs ram 500 us speed and a 500 gig 
> harddrive at 7200 speed. Now the mac is the same but the bus speed is 
> 1066 The highest the chip will go. And running xp along side os10 it 
> still out does the xp stand alone.

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