Hi Philip.

As I was saying to Thomas regarding mysteries of the ancients earlier, I really do think more could be done in terms of audio games and attack avoidence, ---- and using methods which wouldn't be too radical.

Blocking or using a weapon to parry an attack, is one idea. While obviously this would mean shortening the attack sounds, i don't believe it would slow down the game too much, ---- afterall considder the speed of games like boppit in which you are essentially reacting to a single short sound.

You could then employ several weapons to block or parry, ---- as has been done in games like super castlevania in which your magic vampire killer whip could be placed in any direction to block different attacks (including magical projectile attacks).

While necessity to listen out for blocking noises is obviously a point, ---- this would also encourage players to be more cautious about engaging many enemies at once.

Another possible method might be attack avoidence. The Rinos in Q9 run along the floor and require jumping. Suppose however you use a similar mechanic, ---- swiftly panning left/right audio which the player must jump, to create stationary cannons on the ground.

Similar cannons could be added in the air (perhaps with higher pitched sounds), ---- rather the way the bats currently function.

Other enemies, ---- like the bats, may attempt to get above you and drop projectiles onto you, making it necessary to be on the lookout for them.

Another interesting idea might be projectiles which go up in an arc, and then down.

Attacks in many of the side scrolling games from the 80's and 90's were not actually too fast, ---- and I believe audio versions would not need to be particularly slow, ---- afterall alien outback showed extremely good methods of positioning attacking enemies vertically, ---- no reason why it couldn't be done horrizontally.

Also, on a more basic front, there is of course no reason to give the enemies as much range as the player. In many graphical games, enemies attacked simply by contacting the player, and it was the player job not to let them get too close, ---- easier said then done with multiple enemies. Others, had attacks which could vary in range from well outside the players' attack range, to none at all.

If a creature had for instance a shorter range than the player, ---- but did lots of damage, the player would need to employ a hit and run type of stratogy, thus making avoiding attacks far more interesting than simply hammering away and hopin not to be damaged.

Just some thoughts.

Beware the grue!


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