Hi Dark,
Well, one of the problems is I'm not finding any scrolls like that
here. I once found a curse scroll, and a shrink scroll but that is it.
The general store in Twilight Town absolutely sucks. All I've ever
seen there is poor and dubious quality weapons, and now and then a
sspell scroll. Other than that it is basically a useless feature of
the game. I wonder if my problem is that I'm playing the demo and
Jason has intentionally removed certain weapons, scrolls, etc required
to play the game effectively, or Jason is intentionally forcing you to
find this stuff at random. If so I'm not having a lot of luck finding
good equipment and scrolls to use against the Drake, or even against
the Goblin King for that matter. In my last battle he almost single
handedly whiped my party out.
So to be completely honest here while I do like the game it isn't
designed for a new player at all. I'm having extreme difficulty
playing it, and I'm growing extremely frustrated with it. I would like
to see the game be better balanced and some of these enemies made
slightly easier. That's coming from someone who normally doesn't
complain about a game being difficult, but I find Entombed insanely
so. Perhaps someone could write a manual or strat guide that actually
explains something in detail?
One of the reasons I haven't purchased the game is I think Jason needs
to provide some documentation for the game. I keep trying to look
something up only to get the message that this or that is not
available yet. Well, if he wants to sell the game Jason is going to
have to write some detailed documentation or get someone who is a
skilled player to write it. I'm growing sick and tired of not having a
manual for the game. I'm of half a mind to write him personally and
ask him to hurry up and write the manual so I have something to refer
too.I should not have to ask the list how to target a body part,
because the so-called documentation doesn't bother to mention it.
Needless to say I'm a bit ticked off that I'm obviously missing a good
portion of information because the documentation absolutely sucks.


On 2/28/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> The important thing to remember about the drake is that he gets fewer
> attacks than you do. so, you need to make fewer count. Thus, shrinking him
> with a mage is always a good plan, as are using slow scrolls on him while
> using haste scrolls on yourself. Confusion scrolls also help sinse he'll be
> attacking himself some of the time, as do web and paralize scrolls for
> obvious reasons.
> Also, with a melee setup like the one you've got, your probably best off
> aiming at the drakes' abdomin or neck, sinse the drake can suffer manglement
> in either place with enough damage.
> Lastly, remember that for every technique you use there's a price, sinse
> every technique has a much longer cool down time than normal fight commands.
> Thus, doing a flurry or multishot should be thought about carefully,
> particularly if you combine it with something like sneak attack to do extra
> damage.
> Lastly, remember the importance of passive skills like duel ield and (for
> certain classes), crytical hits.
> I've defeated the drake at level 7 with various party setups, bu have always
> needed to use scrolls etc to tweak the odds.
> Hth.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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