people will probably kill me for saying so, but I've found this a surprisingly easy battle. Everyone bar the goblin king himself goes down in virtually one sneak attack or a decent blast of magic, and the king can be dealt with by targiting his noggin, ---- that's failing fun things such as chalming him of course! Maybe it's because I tend to concentrate on getting fewer skills up higher. thus, for a fighter I'll always concentrate on duel wield and short swords (sinse I can guarantee on getting a good pare of those if nothing else), and with those at 5 the gk goes down like a tonne of bricks.

For thieves or assassins I make sneak attack or crytical hit a priority, for mages shrink, and for necros ice blast. Harm or firebalt I'll use if it's the best offense that character combo has, ---- though iceblast and lightning I've found to be more effective, and I'll always go for moves to screw up the opponent such as chalm or some of the bard skills.

Thus, when I fight the king I can guarantee that my two characters at level 6 will have either one skill of five and one of three, or two at four. Occasially I'll go for three skills at three, but only when the skill combination is especially complimentary, such as archery multishort and crytical hits, or duel wield, a weapon skill (usually short swords), and crytical hits (as you can guess, the assassin job with the critical hits skill in the full version is a favourite complement of mine to melee classes).

For jobs with more unique abilities like mages I tend to just pick a favourite couple and work on those, --- on this basis even my level 4 or 5 character will probably have at least one good skill, ---- possibly two.

usually, skills don't become useful until their at least level three, thus in entombed it really does pay to have specialized characters for specific functions, ---- one reason the game effectively gives you six sets of skills to play with.

This is of course, just the stratogy I use, and there may be other ways, sinse the game is a complex one, ---- but where as normally I'd try and be even handed with skills in an rpg game, in entombed I've found it really doesn't pay, and specialization is the key to winning.

Beware the grue!


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