The thing with skeletons, ---- and to an extent zombies, is that they can't be killed by simply mangling body parts or chopping heads off, you need to stringently hack every piece of them up to despose of them. On the pluss side though, those bones are very brital, and easily damamged.

skeletal fighters therefore are very vulnerable to having their hands mangled or chopped off, and skeletal animals can have their skuls mangled, ---- which wrenders them harmless and unable to attack.


Beware the grue!

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No kidding. Some of those skeletons are tough to kill, and take a
serious beating and keep coming. I've even got one of those on my
I encountered this one goblin fighter on level 4 whom I killed with an
ice blast. I then rezerected him, gave him some cloth armour, a decent
pair of short swords, gave him an enchanted pair of wool leggings, and
he became an awesome fighter. Usually when he goes into combat he
doesn't walk away from the fight without lopping off a hand, foot,
arm, or leg. Sometimes he goes into flurry and kills goblin fighters
outright in one single worlwind attack. He is like totally cool. So it
is certainly useful to have a trained skeleton warrior on your side.
Since I have a Necro myself I always attack the enemy Necros to keep
the enemy from trying to even up the odds. Definitely don't want any
more nasties to fight than I absolutely have too.

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