Hi Tom.

Well, jason has stated that now that the last few bugs are dealt with docs are next on the list, pluss, sinse the docs are a wiki, apparently it's possible for anyone to contribute by creating an account and loguing in (I well might do so myself).

As for your difficulties, well mages have the ability to shrink, which is a start against the drake. It is true jason has tweaked the system so that decent and good items are found further down, but you should be finding scrolls in the shop unless Jason has indeed removed some of those in the demo version of the game.

There was a point where Jason upped the difficulty a trifle too far, (where the drake was near impossible), but I'd say it's about there now, ie, difficult but possible.

If however some scrolls are missing in the demo, that might indeed change the balance particularly of the drake battle, which would be inconvenient.

While I agree about lack of documentation, ---- heck, I was on the private alpha team and there are stil some things I'd like clarrified by a manual, I will say that this is only a temporary hitch, and that once either Jason or players create documentation things should work out, I'm just sorry that your caught out with this, and not able to appreciate all the good points about the game.

Beware the grue!


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